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Parish Councils and Committees

Collaborative Pastoral Council
(see CPC page for member information)
Finance Council
Bill Oberlies (vice-chair)
Charlie Corley
Dave Goulet
Mary Henry
Mike Rondeau
Glen Bunnell
Rosario Rizzo
Tom Moroney
Social Committee
Al DeBenedetto, Chair
St Vincent DePaul Society
President: Mary LaPalme (acting)
Vice-President: Janet Marshall (acting)
Treasurer: Jack Mileski
Secretary:Marcia Melone
Spiritual Advisor: Jon French
Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Team
Christine Don, Chair
(emails to the CAP team are not seen by any of the staff)
Child Abuse Prevention Policy and Procedure
New Volunteer Packet
Office of Pastoral Support and Outreach Number, Archdiocese of Boston
Phone:  617-746-5994 (direct line)
Toll Free Number:   866-244-9603 (toll free)
Email :

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCEMC)

Liturgical Art & Environment
Alicia Bunnell, Cathy Rose Hill